Scooter Couch

Scooter Couch

Scooter Couch

Ten months ago, I found myself sitting on the floor watching my two year old wildly scoot across across our chaise couch. I sat helpless, trying to nurse my crying newborn, eat something, and answer texts. All while wearing my pajamas. (It was 6 PM.) I had a realization: My life is crazy. (Ha.) I took a deep breath, grabbed my phone, and snapped a picture.

This is a chronicle of my bigger wins as a mom—the moments I feel awesome or the times I’m caught up in the joy of it all. I’m the first to admit that parenthood is hard, and sometimes sucks. I’ve learned to ask hard questions and trust my guts more than anything else. I’ve learned that motherhood demands a level of patience, love, and hope that I’m not sure I’ll ever achieve. I hope this site will be shared by non-traditional mothers: women who love and nurture others’ children, women who have chosen not to have children or cannot have children, those that are still waiting to become mothers, or those that have felt loss.

It’s a big crazy world and we need each other. I love and respect motherhood in all its different shapes, forms, and seasons. I believe we bond when we share, but so many of us hold back in sharing our highs and lows, whether we work/don’t work, are single/married, or young/old. We feel lonely, stupid, embarrassed, ugly, ashamed, depressed, worried, fearful, insecure. We never feel like enough. I’m so sick of not feeling like enough. Bored Stay At Home Moms features the ‘highs’ of motherhood with a strong undertone of support and love for the lows. (Seriously, we’ve all been there. You can do it!) I will not tolerate any judgmental or unkind commentary or visuals on this site. At the end of the day, all any of us want are our kids to be happy and loved. I want to celebrate moms, kids, and our deliberate awesomeness, together.

If you would like to share something surprisingly clever/adventurous/ingenius you’ve done with your kids, at home, while traveling, etc. as a mom with the Bored Stay At Home Mom community, submit 1-3 b/w or color images 700 px wide with a brief caption to Need not be a SAHM to submit. Thanks so much for following us. You can find us on Facebook and Twitter too. Koseli Cummings xo


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