The Places We Nurse

The Places We Nurse

The Places We Nurse

Why yes, this is the Steven Alan Outpost on the Upper West Side. Who knew fitting rooms made such amazing mother lounges? Thank you, I’ll take the plaid shirt and the little black dress, too.

Nursed anywhere crazy lately?


2 thoughts on “The Places We Nurse

  1. Just a couple of weeks ago I was at the zoo and forgot to bring “proper” cover up. I picked the most hidden place at the zoo i could find. And That place became the popular place to be all of a sudden. I think i made one married man blush a bit, but in my mind I didnt care at the moment. my baby needed to eat. Oh the things we do for our babies!


    • Love this. There’s a moment of like, Uh, the world is seeing my boobs to Whatever, I have to nurse my baby. It’s so liberating when you just do what you have to do, when you have to do it. 🙂 Thanks for commenting, Meredith! Welcome to the site, girl.


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