Mother Son Bonding Time

Bonding With My Son Whilst On An Amish Scooter

Mother Son Bonding Time

Having just moved from city living to suburban, I’m having to adjust to the lifestyle of the country day-to-day. In particular, the getting around is drastically different from what I’m used to. Now it’s taking a car everywhere when before, so much of my day was spent walking from place to place. I miss walking and being out in the elements.  I miss the closeness it provides when my 5-year-old squirt Julian and I go on our adventures.  On the drive from NY to UT, we made a pivotal stop in PA where I finally found the scooter of my dreams. Leave it to the Amish, once again. This has become our favorite activity to do together. Such magical bonding. We’ll scoot to the bus stop, scoot home from school, and as we do we talk. We talk about our day, our feelings, of life, and how, turns out, it’s exponentially better lived whilst on an Amish scooter.

Jen Morello, writer, New Yorker, & mother to Julian; Alpine, UT


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