Bored Moms

Explosion of a New Mother’s Life or, A View of My Bookshelf

Bored Moms
But I saw this stack of books on my shelf and I realized that it is symbolic of my life right now
  • The insanity and darkness of A Clockwork Orange which haunts my days and nights.
  • Robinson’s literary masterpiece Housekeeping which is about anything but. Yet I wish it were. Because I can’t figure out how to keep house.
  • On Writing Well a leftover from the glory days when I was a college instructor.
  • The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding because even though you think that something as ‘natural’ as breastfeeding would come easily, it really doesn’t for some of us.
  • A few other literary texts, and one from an organization for which I volunteer (and funnily is called Freedom from Behind Bars which is amusing given the fact that my house seems like a prison).
  • and A Good Man is Hard to Find which I’ll just let speak for itself.
Voila. The perfect mish-mash of literary, instructional, mommy, crazy, light, dark, joy, sorrow, professional, family, books that are the explosion of a new mother’s life.
Elise Silva, Mother of one, English faculty

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